About my pictures

I sell Fine Art pictures in limited numbered series.

Fine Arts?

Black and white image of the rock formation Apostles along the Sanctuary Cliffs On wikipedia , "Fine Art" is defined as "art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty". I primarily photograph with the aim of making pictures to hang on the wall.

So even though my pictures portray a place, my pictures are an artistic interpretation of reality. I will often post-process the image, where it is the artistic vision that dictates the decisions.

- How did you get the cup-bit to stay where it is, unsupported?
- It stays there because it's artistically right!

The Wise Old Bird explains to Arthur Dent how a 1 mile long marble sculpture of a polystyrene cup hangs 13 miles in the air unsupported. Part of the artwork, "Arthur Dent Throws the Nutrimatic Cup".

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. BBC Radio Play. Episode 10.