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Strøiman Photography



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Arnager is an old fishing village. Originally, the fishermen had to have small boats that could be towed ashore - until a harbor was built. However, the water was too shallow, so the harbor had to be built away from land.

The current harbor was built in 1884 and is approx. 200m from land and has a long wooden bridge that connects the harbor with land.

In the late 2010s, a new bridge was built, and in 2019 the new bridge could be inaugurated.

The picture is numbered and signed by hand. It is an edition of 30 copies. Once the 30 are sold, no more will be sold.

The picture is mounted in a black wooden frame with anti-reflective and UV-protective acrylic grass.


The size of the picture is 42 × 59.4 cm.
There is a 4cm away/margin for the motif to breathe, so the printed area is 34 × 51.4cm.
The frame is approx. 1cm, so including the frame it is approx. 44 × 61.4cm.

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